Coaching Leaders and Teams Towards Accelerated Problem Solving


Your Guide To Solving the Problems That Lead To Innovation

Innovation Is Critical For Your Company’s
Long Term Success

Innovative business ideas are needed now more than ever. At Spark, we help leaders and teams build a culture of innovation by creating a common language for smarter collaboration and rapid problem-solving.


Spark Innovation Services

Spark’s business services provide the tools and approaches your team and leaders need to navigate change and successfully solve problems that lead to innovation. We will help you shape a collaborative team to ensure that your company stays nimble in our rapidly changing marketplace.

Smarter Leadership Coaching

Take your leadership to the next level by working with Rich Gafter of Spark Innovation,  as your personal business coach.

Smarter Teams Program

 Give your teams a competitive advantage by turning them into engines of innovation and active problem solvers. 



Smarter Corporate Retreats

We help you reach your retreat goals with a detailed plan, focused facilitation, and follow up plan that maximizes team results.  

Smarter Team Building

Build a connected, smarter, and profitable team who want to innovate their industry.

Rapid Idea Labs

Harvest your teams brain power and start generating outstanding solutions to perplexing problems with our fast-paced large group forums.

When your customer recognizes your company as a trusted problem solver then you have sparked innovation.

Our Clients


“The BC Sports Hall of Fame recently retained Spark Innovation to design, plan and deliver a Strategic Planning Retreat for our Board of Trustees.  I was extremely impressed with the process that was used in generating ideas, analyzing their impact and making decisions over the two-day session. With Jay’s facilitation, the group generated 50% more strategic ideas and identified key priorities that will assist in the Hall’s growth and impact in the community over the next three years. Using Spark’s technology and their very able team, we were able to make faster, smarter decisions in a very efficient and productive fashion. I would highly recommend Spark Innovation for leadership development, strategic planning or meeting facilitation if you want to embrace innovation as a key to corporate growth, positioning and prosperity.”

– Sue Griffin, President and CEOBC Sports Hall Of Fame

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