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Delivering Profitable Growth Through Sustained Innovation

“If you are in an organization today, you are engaged in a great venture of exploration, risk, discovery and change without any comprehensive maps for guidance.” Peter Senge

Building a lasting, profitable business is challenging. There are many roadmaps for success, but none is absolute. Every business takes a different journey. It is up to the team to help the business explore new opportunities, stay competitive, and work together to find success.

Every team member in a business plays an essential role in finding and solving problems along this river of continuous change.

At Spark Innovation, we teach teams how to navigate change by envisioning the business environment as a wild river; fast, unpredictable, challenging, and rewarding. Your business is a large canoe in this river, and your team’s job is to skillfully navigate it with teamwork, good decisions and committed effort.

Meet Your Business and Team Performance Expert Rich Gafter

My name is Rich Gafterand I am here to tell you that there is whitewater ahead for every company. The past decades have taught us that this river brings greater complexity with an accelerating pace of change. Not every canoe will survive.

The best chance for a business to succeed in these rapids is to invest in building a culture of innovation by developing collaborative problem-solving skills.

Spark Innovation was born after witnessing the lessons from the great recession of 2008-2009. It was during this time where we recognized that value innovation was one of the best ways that companies could survive a recession. Our goal was to use Spark as a tool to guide and prepare companies to withstand the rapids of change.

Through Spark, we help companies design teams that keep alert to what’s ahead and are ready to respond to changing currents. The river will not change in its intensity or unpredictability. But with Spark, your teams will gain a competitive edge, learn how to navigate the white waters of change and become active problem seekers and solvers.

The result of the Spark process is innovative teams that are ready for change in any economy.

I first discovered the power of the explorer’s mindset during a 6-day voyageur canoe journey on the French River. The trip brought together leaders from various disciplines to explore the meaning of leadership, teamwork, and commitment through an adventure where participants would paddle, camp, and learn together on the river journey.

The experience profoundly changed my life, inspiring me to return two more times to soak in the lessons that high-performance teamwork have to teach. It was this journey that served as the incubator to launch my first business, The Horizon Group. Its goal was to help companies stand out through world-class training. But it also became the breeding ground for future businesses; Voyageur Adventures, Eagle Valley Retreat, and Spark Innovation.

Voyageur Adventure helps teams discover and embrace the time-tested lessons of leadership and teamwork.

Eagle Valley Retreat gives business teams the privacy and freedom they needed to hit the restart button, plan great strategies and start doing their best work again.

Spark Innovation accelerates team effectiveness and productivity by teaching teams how to do better work in less time.

The 6-day voyageur journey on the French River gave me the explorer’s mindset that I needed to double my business in 15 months.

As an explorer, you seek to continue to add value and solve problems, which ultimately lead to innovation. If your team uses this mindset, you will continue to thrive and succeed in the face of change.

The explorer’s mindset is driven by curiosity and followed through with commitment.

Since 1992 I have inspired hundreds of leaders and companies across North America to use the mindset of an explorer to navigate the whitewater of change successfully. The results have been $20 million dollar acquisitions, 50% increases in strategic ideas that have assisted in growth, and leaders across North America who now can make faster, smarter decisions in less time.

Through Spark Innovation I have helped leaders and teams manage the rapids of change. 

With Spark, your company can stay innovative and continue to thrive in the face of change too. Spark will teach your team of explorers how to navigate change and create innovation through accelerated problem-solving.

Just imagine what your company would look like if every team member saw themselves as an explorer.

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