Unleash Your Team’s Collective Intelligence.

Discover how your team can become rapid problem solvers

through Spark Innovation’s exclusive forums.

Innovation through problem-solving is fast becoming the core competencies for survival in the global economy. Spark Innovation’s Rapid Idea Labs help companies grow their innovative capacity by creating an environment for creativity, collaboration, and ideas.

Big problems can have simple solutions.

At Spark, we help accelerate performance and elevate results by working with companies to create winning teams that use problem-solving skills to find innovation. The result is a sustainable environment that supports continuous company growth.

What Your Company Will Accomplish:

Innovation-Driven Teams

Spark Innovation will give you the skills your team needs to stay competitive and innovative.

Team Collaboration

Increase your team’s effectiveness by understanding individual problem-solving styles and how they can foster or hinder productivity.

Employees feel valued

The result of employees feeling valued is a strong workplace culture that makes your business a great place to work.


In-Person Or Online

Spark Innovation offers Rapid Idea Labs in our state of the art campuses, at your corporate office, or through our online learning platform.

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