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Spark Innovation Services

Smarter Leadership Coaching

What do Plato, Aristotle, Bill Gates, Ryan Holmes, Chip Wilson, and Steve Jobs have in common? They all had strong mentors and business coaches.

Take your leadership to the next level by working with Rich Gafter of Spark Innovation. Rich will help you find new ways to manage your human capital, get to the crux of issues, rapidly solve problems, and find new innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Smarter Teams Program

Power up your workplace performance with Spark Innovation’s Smarter Teams Program.

Transform your teams into engines of innovation. Through Spark, your team will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use a design thinking mindset to become active problem solvers.

Team Accelerator Program

First, learn the language of rapid problem solving for the 21st Century with Spark Innovation’s unique tools and workshops.

Smarter Meetings Program

Next, Spark will train your employees to become high performance and collaborative teams who focus on finding innovative solutions.

Smarter Corporate Retreats

Get away to get ahead with corporate retreats.

Does your team need to hit the refocus button?

Escape the office to a new environment that is designed to address the priorities that move your team and company forward.

Spark Innovation is your go-to source for well-planned and strategic corporate retreats that strengthen company culture, break down silos, create higher performing teams, and ultimately increased revenue.

Get the most from your off-site investment with Spark Innovation’s superior Retreats.


Smarter Team Building

Make Innovation An Adventure

Your team needs to hit the refresh button so they can stay innovative, creative and continue improving your company’s profitability.  Spark’s custom Smarter Team Building Adventures are designed for companies ready to start building a profitable team who want to innovate their industry. We focus on creating ‘fun and result-based’ team building activities that solve one or more of your company’s team related problems.

Rapid Idea Labs

Collaborative teams give companies the competitive edge they need to stay innovative.

Spark’s Rapid Idea Labs allows you to get input from all levels of the organization during large group or annual meetings.

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