smarter Corporate Retreats

Get Away To Get Ahead With Our Corporate Retreats

A great retreat has the power to transform your company and ensure that your team feels empowered, energized and ready to tackle any challenge. Spark Innovation helps create corporate retreats that yield a 10x return in productivity and eventual profitability. Spark does this by helping your company unify your team around core strategic priorities developed during the retreat.

At Spark Innovation, we help companies reach their retreat goals with a detailed plan, focused facilitation, and follow up plan that maximizes team involvement and gives you the competitive edge you need to stay innovative.

What Your Company Will Gain:


When your team actively pursue and operate with greater clarity, your business will gain innovation and you will become an effective leader. Corporate retreats allows your team to step away from the office and gain that clarity through a new environment.


Corporate retreats foster close-knit teams that will go back to the office with higher productivity and efficiency. 

Inspired Team

Energize employees for months to come with team building and creative brainstorming activities. A corporate retreat creates buy-in and accountability to carry any business forward.

Action Plan

Spark will help you develop an action plan to ensure your retreat continues being a success at the office for months to come.

In-Person Or Online

Spark Innovation offers Smarter Team Training Workshops in our state of the art campuses, at your corporate office, or through our online learning platform.

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