smarter team building 

Make Innovation an Adventure with Spark’s Team Building

Spark’s Smarter Team Building is for companies who are ready to start building a more productive team that wants to innovate their industry.




Your company is not growing.

BUT somehow the communication is not flowing.

Your team feels stuck.

Your company is losing morale.

The staff are not teaming up.

Creativity and Innovation are missing.

….and the lack of team performance is now affecting organizational performance.

Too many companies waste thousands of dollars on team ‘bonding’ activities that don’t transfer results back to the office and don’t solve company problems. Sure, it is fine to have fun, but at Spark we focus on creating team building activities that produce the results needed to move your company forward.

Spark Innovation customizes every team building adventure to solve one or more of your company’s team related problems. We create engaging and relevant team building programs where the learning can be applied back at work.

It’s time for your company and your team to end:


Painfully slow decisions making


Absence of team vision


Poor communication


Stubborn ongoing team conflicts


Lack of engagement


Ineffective leadership


Lack of creativity


A reluctance to risk-taking

Your Team and Business Deserve Better

Spark’s Smarter Team Building is the key to developing team spirit, improving communication, and eliminating silos. Through a variety of key partners, Spark Innovation offers custom team building options that foster team transformation.

As a company, you have a vision of what you want your business to look like in the future. Spark’s Solution Based Team Building Adventures helps your team transform into that future.

When your team connects and starts building stronger relationships your business will transform.

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When You Start Investing In Team Building The Results Are Priceless


Taking the cap off your company’s income potential and putting innovation in the fast lane


Being fully supported by your team


Employees create a better understanding of each other and break down walls of mistrust


Smarter meetings that end in positive results and actions


New ideas, creativity, and innovation start flowing


A new focus around team relationships and their value


Improved profitability by creating superior teams


Improved company morale and a new definition of what a successful team looks like


Employees encourage each other to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences


Better communication and fewer misunderstandings


New sense of clarity around roles, decision making, communication, and priorities

We focus on outcome-based team building that enhances and accelerate team development.

Spark’s Smarter Team


Custom Team Building for teams who are looking to unlock their innovation potential.

At Spark, we bring teamwork to life. We plan custom team building adventures that are aligned with your company’s objectives. Our team building adventures address specific development needs of teams such as problem-solving, risk-taking, trust-building, and paradigm breaking.



Spark’s Smarter Team Building accelerates the time it takes to go from forming to performing. We offer both indoor and outdoor team building programs that are highly customizable and can be combined with any of our services


Team will form


They will debate



Set standards


Go to perform

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Spark Innovation’s custom-designed programs have helped hundreds of forward-thinking companies celebrate the journey ahead.

Vancouver is Spark Innovation’s hometown and over the past decades we have worked with Voyageur Adventures to facilitate hundreds of team building experiences.

In partnership with Voyageur Adventures, your team will quickly learn how to communicate and collaborate while paddling down a winding river in traditional Voyageur Canoes.

The idea of this experience is to have all team members work together to successfully navigate their canoes. The whole canoe journey sets a core foundation for the timeless lessons of leadership and teamwork. From there Spark Innovation integrates the lessons of the past into high-performing modern team practices.


“The BC Sports Hall of Fame recently retained Spark Innovation to design, plan and deliver a Strategic Planning Retreat for our Board of Trustees.  I was extremely impressed with the process that was used in generating ideas, analyzing their impact and making decisions over the two-day session. With Jay’s facilitation, the group generated 50% more strategic ideas and identified key priorities that will assist in the Hall’s growth and impact in the community over the next three years. Using Spark’s technology and their very able team, we were able to make faster, smarter decisions in a very efficient and productive fashion. I would highly recommend Spark Innovation for leadership development, strategic planning or meeting facilitation if you want to embrace innovation as a key to corporate growth, positioning and prosperity.”

– Sue Griffin, President and CEOBC Sports Hall Of Fame

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